This has probably been posted by someone else already, but I’ll post it separately anyway instead of hunting around.

Stan Lee let it slip that he will have a very different cameo in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

The most relevant part here isn’t that Stan Lee’s getting a different kind of cameo. What’s relevant is how at least according to this source (Business Insider), Stan Lee was told he’s not allowed to talk about talk about having that cameo… with Marvel employees glaring at him.

This goes a long way to proving that Disney and Marvel are trying to undermine the X-Men franchise on their end, and that all the recent poor treatment such as retconning Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver out of being Magneto’s kids is motivated by ego and greed.

But more importantly, it demonstrates exactly what’s wrong with Marvel right now. The company is undermining and tearing apart franchises, relationships and characters people love, and many grew up with. Fans are being driven away because the company cares more about money than respect. I strongly believe many creators are being driven away too, because as much as these are brands and it’s a job, ordering creators to do things they know are bad for franchises or characters goes against creative instincts. It’s basically corporate putting in artificial limitations to output and demanding employees do worse at their jobs until some third party is willing to fork over more money. It’s corporate hostage taking.

And now, one of the big people behind making Marvel what it is today, a guy who helped create so many franchises and characters, is being told by some company out to make a buck that he’s not allowed to cherish and celebrate what’s become of his own creations?

If my goal was to see Marvel die, I wouldn’t be making this post. Marvel is killing itself from within. It’s in a sickly state, and all I’m doing is joining all the other people out there that want Marvel to acknowledge what they’re doing to themselves and set things right before it’s too late.

and Oficial Quicksilver is Magneto’s son in Xmen Apocalysis

Sort of a re-direct, feel free to ignore, but I just watched the Rogue cut of DOFP and there is a very big hint that Wanda exists in the Xmen universe…could this be a surprise for Xma?

I am very scared that this is what is going to happen to Star Wars. At least they haven’t gone and said everything that’s not in the movies isn’t cannon and there’s still hope that some of the good stuff in the comics will survive in the movies, no matter if it’s Disney or Fox….

I’m actually concerned based on Bryan Singer’s remarks on his Instagram that Quicksilver is the only member of the Magnus family we’ll ever see until Singer’s no longer involved.


Aside from being dismissive of Scarlet Witch, he says absolutely nothing whatsoever about Polaris. The younger girl in Days of Future Past is widely perceived to be Lorna with Wanda hinted at upstairs, and instead of namedropping Lorna as the little girl whether in actuality or as a possibility, Singer dismisses the girl as serving no purpose whatsoever except to be a plot device for Quicksilver.

In the wake of Marvel trying to tear the Magnus family apart and ruin the X-Men franchise, Fox and Bryan Singer have an opportunity to provide the sort of content Marvel refuses to provide. He’s adding only one half of the family when there’s a heck of a lot more opportunity beyond that. Even if he doesn’t want to directly compete with the MCU for twin depiction, he’s missing out on the sister dynamic between Lorna and Wanda that so many people love, and the Lorna and Pietro dynamics that we’ve seen in X-Factor.

I really am thinking we’ll only see the full Magnus family in film once Singer’s gone. I don’t think Fox will do it outside him, and I get the impression Singer doesn’t appreciate Lorna or Wanda enough to want to use them.

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