E3 is in two weeks. Here’s a list of all the games I want that are not going to happen. Some are unrealistic, but I want them anyway.

  • Parasite Eve 3, starring Aya Brea, that makes 3rd Birthday completely noncanon and treats Aya with the respect she deserves
  • A real Tomb Raider game, main focus entry starring the real, awesome Lara Croft
  • A Final Fantasy IV sequel that makes The After Years noncanon; that, or After Years COMPLETELY remade with an entirely different story that actually fits the characters
  • Silent Hills, exactly as it was planned all along, NOTHING different
  • Resident Evil 7, starring Jill Valentine AND Claire Redfield, with NO Chris or Leon
  • A real Final Fantasy X sequel that makes the current FFX-2 noncanon.
  • A real Final Fantasy 13, while the current “FF13″ is renamed to an entirely different series, such as Final Fantasy Lightning.
  • Catherine 2, ideally with Katherine McBride in it, but just another go-around of the idea is good
  • Suikoden VI, possibly with Odessa Silverberg in it
  • A new .hack game with Pi in it
  • A new Valkyria Chronicles game, ideally with Eleanor Varrot in it
  • A new Dead Rising, ideally with Stacey Forsythe in it
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • A major game available on PS4, Wii U or PC from Mistwalker
  • A new Legend of Dragoon
  • A new Chrono game, ideally with Queen Zeal involved IF Motomu Toriyama and Hajime Tabata aren’t involved and Squeenix can handle it
  • Either another Metal Gear game by Kojima Productions that stars Naomi Hunter, or a reveal of Naomi in Phantom Pain
  • A new Metroid that makes Other M noncanon or finds a good way to explain away how badly that game depicted Samus Aran
  • A new Shadow Hearts game
  • A new Soul Calibur game that retcons SCV or makes it noncanon, bringing back EVERY major character (especially Sophitia and Taki, Setsuka would be nice to have back too)
  • A Warhammer game that includes Inquisitor Adrastia
  • RAGE 2
  • A new Alan Wake, available on PC
  • Vanquish 2, with playable Elena (somehow)
  • Remember Me 2, not published by Squeenix UNLESS Squeenix is making Parasite Eve 3 as said in point #1
  • New IPs I didn’t even know I wanted

And that’s the huge crazy list. Some selections are more equal than others.

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