If I wanted to see Scarlet Witch in Age of Apocalypse before, Age of Ultron made me REALLY want to see her. Although given the death of a certain silver haired cinnamon roll, I’m starting to guess that Marvel and Fox have a parent trap type deal like “K, you have Quicksilver, but Scar is ours.” Is it even possible that she could appear in the X-Men Cinematic Universe? I would KILL for a spin-off film focusing on Magneto, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Polaris. 


I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox and Disney/Marvel made such a deal, but if they did, Fox made a huge mistake. They’re the company that has control over the whole Magnus family, which means they could do a whole Magnus family direction including sister time with Lorna and Wanda. Right now, I also feel like I can safely say that any such deal made by Disney/Marvel is with malicious intent – meaning Disney/Marvel are doing it purely to try to hurt Fox rather than to move toward working things out with Fox.

I agree entirely. Especially on the point of it being malicious. Honestly, I do think Disney wants Fox to be damaged as much as possible. Which really sucks. Let Fox keep X-men and leave them be. 

My opinion of each company and the X-Men film rights is malleable. It can change depending on how well or poorly each company treats the X-Men franchise with the rights they have.

I’ve seen people claim Fox is the problem, but if they are, it’s behind closed doors. If there’s no way I can see and confirm it, why should I trust it? It’s all gossip and hearsay. I have to go by the evidence in front of me, and right now, the evidence says 1) Disney and Marvel are the bad actors in this situation, and 2) Fox appreciates and deserves the X-Men franchise far more than Disney and Marvel ever will.

Disney and Marvel constantly undermine and damage the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises on their end. They tear down key figures in the X-Men franchise, like Magneto and Cyclops, to build up the Avengers. They undo decades of canon, as in the case of forcing a retcon to try to make Wanda and Pietro no longer Magneto’s kids, just to sever ties the X-Men franchise has with everything else in the Marvel universe. They let the Avengers franchise control and dictate the narrative of the X-Men franchise with stunts like Avengers vs X-Men, Axis and Havok’s anti-mutant speech alongside going out of the way to depict characters like Rogue horribly outside the X-books.

Disney and Marvel are even trying to replace the X-Men with the Inhumans. They’re trying to turn everything that defines the X-Men franchise into stuff the Inhumans control, while stripping those elements out of the X-Men franchise.

Disney and Marvel don’t appreciate or respect the Fantastic Four or X-Men franchises. Not one bit. If they did, they wouldn’t be going out of their way to ruin those franchises. Disney and Marvel would be treating the X-Men franchise as best as they could, to show by example that they’re better for the film rights than Fox.

My respect for Disney and Marvel is equal to the respect they show for things I care about. High respect leads to high respect, and disrespect earns disrespect. When Disney and Marvel are ready to treat the X-Men franchise better in the comics, I’ll be ready to trust they can be better for the film rights than Fox. Undoing their recent forced retcon on Wanda and Pietro’s parentage would be a good start.

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