“I’m glad you’re here with me, Sam… here at the end of all things”

Magneto #18 Last Days

Well at least one kid gets closure

At least he still has one not retconned child. 

As far as I’m concerned, Marvel stopped writing comics with Wanda and Pietro in them before Axis. Wanda and Pietro are still Magneto’s kids, and I’m looking forward to when Marvel decides to start writing them again so I can see more awesome Lorna and Wanda sister time.

I’m steeling myself for the likelihood that we won’t see the real Wanda and Pietro again for another 10 years or so. Maybe longer.

like Marvel can literally not erase this family because of the fanbase and the fact Fox seems to be eager to capitalize on it.

and just look at how many jokes fans made about Magneto being in AoU? does Marvel think they can erase that idea ahahaha jokes on u Marvel punk ass fuckboys

Fox hasn’t done much with the family just yet. They acknowledged Pietro exists (… as Peter), put in a very subtle hint that he’s related to Magneto, and elements cut from the final film imply Wanda is in the same house as him (and that the little girl might be Lorna), but that’s as far as we’ve got so far.

From Fox’s perspective, it would be ideal for Apocalypse to lead into a storyline featuring Genosha and Magneto’s entire family. Now is an especially good time for Fox to strike in that vein, because Marvel has pissed off a lot of fans that Fox can now easily win over.

But so far, Fox hasn’t tried to take advantage of Marvel’s mistake by hyping up any of Magneto’s family as part of the movie. That they haven’t done so suggests one of many possible things as I see it. One, perhaps the family isn’t in Apocalypse or doesn’t have a very big role. Two, those elements may not be finished yet or Fox may want to promote them later at a time they deem more market-friendly (same reason they haven’t announced who the Horsemen are, I’m sure). Three, contrary to what Disney or Marvel would like people to believe, Fox really is more than willing to sit down and strike a deal, but Disney/Marvel are the difficult ones.

The reasoning behind number 3 there is that perhaps Fox is refraining from using or promoting the Magnus family much because they know it’d upset Disney/Marvel and make striking a deal more difficult.

I’ve also considered the prospect that maybe there’s some legal hurdles with Fox using Wanda and Pietro that makes using them as Magneto’s family difficult or impossible without Marvel approval, but if that’s the case, it wouldn’t explain why we have yet to see Lorna. Fox definitely doesn’t need Marvel’s approval to use her as Magneto’s daughter.

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