I have no opinion on Age of Ultron or its depictions of Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver.

I have no opinion because I’m never going to see it.

Disney and Marvel guaranteed I would never see it when they forced a retcon of Wanda and Pietro out of being Magneto’s kids in the comics. Shitty actions motivated by selfishness and greed are VERY powerful turn-offs for me. It’s not even about not rewarding such behavior, though I sometimes do think of it that way. Largely, it’s about being so disgusted with a company’s behavior that I can’t bring myself to do things that lead to them making money.

Disney and Marvel are not special in this regard. I haven’t bought a Square-Enix product in years. I only buy things from Capcom that fit specific criteria now. The first DC thing I’ve bought since New 52 is Convergence: Harley Quinn #1.

What happens in Age of Ultron does not matter for me because I’m so “excited” to see it that it may as well not exist at all.

And the funny thing is, if not for the forced retcon, I would have been excited about the film and gone to see it. That one thing killed any chance of me seeing it, and I honestly don’t know anymore if I’ll ever want to even if they undo the forced retcon. At some point, it becomes virtually impossible to force yourself to do something if you’re too disgusted.

So while some people scream enthusiastically about Age of Ultron, and other people scream with outrage about it, I’ll be over in this corner not really giving a damn what it did or didn’t do to Random Character #2578.

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