Disney burying the X-Men – Business Insider

This article by Business Insider illustrates a lot of things X-Men fans have noticed, but which Marvel’s executives desperately want people to believe are merely “conspiracy theories.” They want the stigma of being labeled such to keep people from acknowledging obvious signs of Marvel’s intent.

They’re not even trying to cover up their efforts to diminish and undermine franchises for which Fox owns the film rights anymore. When word got out that Marvel put a ban on Marvel sketch cards depicting anything Fantastic Four, they tried to deny it. Now, XM Studios is told to reduce X-Men products and they don’t try to make excuses other than “conspiracy theory.” They think everyone’s stupid.

This behavior is why I’m not reading female Thor or Ms. Marvel, and why I’m not seeing any of Marvel’s films anymore. I’ve seen Polaris robbed of her relationships with her siblings Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, books she’s on undermined, and events she has a huge stake in like Axis not include her, and I KNOW it’s because of this film rights wankery. That’s why I increasingly see Marvel as toxic. I don’t want to throw my money at companies that disgust me by ruining things I love because the people running the show are unconscionably egotistical and greedy.

Disney burying the X-Men – Business Insider

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