Your all getting angry over nothing. I can’t wait to see your face when marvel reveals he’s still their father


Look, no one wants this retcon to happen. I would love to see my face if it was revealed that this was all a red-herring and Magneto is still their father and they’re still mutants! I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

For the last time, we’re not rooting against Marvel here. We want them to publish good books and be respectful to the fans and the characters we love. Trust me, we’ll be happy, not disappointed, if it turns out we were wrong all this time (well, I would still not buy any of the Avengers comics, not even UA), we just doubt that’s possible.

And this is the last question I’ll answer about this subject, at least until there are new developments to be discussed.

I don’t get why some of these guys are obsessed with the idea that it’ll be some kind of huge blow to everyone’s pride and sense of self-worth if Magneto is confirmed to be their father again, even if it was intended that way all along.

Do they not get that most people that didn’t want this retcon (read: most people) would be happy to find out they “got angry over nothing?” That’s much preferable to not getting angry out of an assumption it’ll get fixed very soon, only to find out that not getting angry means it’ll take longer or maybe even never get fixed (I think it’ll get fixed eventually, the question is how long).

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