I don’t read much Marvel, so can I ask what that post about Magneto and his kids was about? And why Marvel hates Wanda? Thanks!



Wanda and Pietro are twins and they are Magneto’s children. And it’s always been like that (there’s even Pietro’s eternal struggle with not wanting to be like their father). Recently Marvel decided that nah. They’re not family. And this is all bullshit that is sneaking into comics from the MCU and because Rick Remender is a genius (no,he’s not). So, that’s what’s happening, abridged version.

Now as to why Marvel hates Wanda: everyone and their mothers gets a redemption arc, except Wanda – Because of House of M. But it happens that: what happened in House of M wasn’t even Wanda’s fault, it was Pietro’s, yet everybody took it out on Wanda, who had recently lost her children too, to boot. With the distress Wanda said “no more mutants” and wiped out most of the mutants world wide. then she tried to amend this in children’s crusade. She tried to make things right and the avengers were a bunch of assholes, even the ones that were closest to her, and pretty much everyone was keen on killing her,x-men included. Then she was kept in limbo for a while,the she was in uncanny avengers and that book. was. a mess. that book was a mess. courtesy of rick remender, again. 

And now here we are, trying to make a villain out of her. villainizing her, agAIN. because why not. and apparently it was said at NYCC that they’re still gonna play around with stuff that happened in the House of M, like good to know u guys are innovating, kudos.

Thing is with Marvel they literally said “We don’t value you as a customer”

They gave Amazing X-men to Kyle and Yost and that killed the classic vibe of that book for their stupid torture porn and made me come to the conclusion that wendigo is the worst X-men villain ever.

cancelled ANXF

cancelled Invaders

did this stupid retcon in their event called AXIS which reeks of Nazi sympathy and Rapist sympathy

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again Marvel has thousands of interesting characters but 80% of their stories are BORING and repetitive 

When they want to kill a franchise because they don’t own the film rights, they cancel books left and right and undermine them by a mix of not really promoting them and ensuring any crossover events benefit their favorite and hurt any they don’t appreciate or respect.

When they want to force something to sell, they put it on a pedestal and cater every tiny little thing around it to the point of making it suck.

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