Unbelievable. Out of the 74 new issues Marvel is publishing next March, only 13 are X-Men (4 of which are the new weekly Wolverines series).

“We’re not sidelining the X-Men”, they said.

A more morbid part of me wonders if Disney and Marvel noticed when I pointed out that San Diego Comic Con had a separate panel for the Spider-Verse, yet Marvel would only allow the X-Men franchise to be talked about under the banner of the Avengers books, at a time when the X-books undeniably had more books coming out than the Spider-Verse.

When I did my check, I believe it was something like 26 X-Men comics compared to 24 Spider-Verse comics in one month. That was during SDCC. If I’m not misremembering, that means they effectively cut the X-books in half in less than one year.

It’s also been VERY blatant that Marvel’s trying to undermine the X-books with cases like All-New X-Factor. Days of Future Past comes out, they don’t put Pietro on any covers until the film’s out of theaters. Polaris and Scarlet Witch have their first sister bonding moment in a decade, and Marvel not only doesn’t promote it, but they actually withhold the cover until a week before release when it’s too late for word to really get out about it.

Anyone that tells you Disney and Marvel aren’t trying to ruin the X-Men comics either hasn’t seen what they’re doing, is extremely gullible and naive, or sees it but they have some kind of vested interest in lying and saying everything’s fine.

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