and you know that if magneto was a girl she’d be a hella raging feminist





you know i actually like to think that magneto, regardless, would be a feminist/social justice activist cause that makes me RLY HAPPY INSIDE but another part of me is like “if they’re not mutants he proooobably wouldn’t give a shit about them” and then another part of me is like “but it would also be totally within his character to seek out and destroy oppression wherever he sees it”

if both charles and erik were ladies it’d just make everything better cause charles would be better at relating to/not patronizing or controlling raven, and erik would just be thE BIGGEST MOST ANGRY FEMINIST plus charles would be hella cute and cuddly and erik would be one of those ladies that’s like “if you punched me i would say thank you”

“if Magneto was a girl he’d be a Feminist”

Hello? Polaris anyone!?

Damn right.

It’s been pointed out by Lorna fans better than me that Polaris was created and introduced as a very strong female character, stronger than Jean Grey at the time. There were a lot of elements to her original introduction and use that could have developed into her becoming something of a feminist icon.

Unfortunately, she got dismantled entirely during the long Claremont run. It’s only in the past decade and a half that she’s REALLY started to show her stuff. The thanks goes to a mix of Peter David picking up the pieces of her in the early 90s, and later Milligan and Austen making great use of her, particularly in relation to Genosha and Magneto.

Well I don’t like the use of the phrase “Strong Female character” but she was introduced as a Feminist she said she didn’t want to be defined by her relationship and she felt like a woman for that there’s more but if I’m honest Claremont (who masks himself as a feminist yet fridged Jean Grey and sidelined Lorna) buried a lot of that and basically did what the character stood against and defined her as Havok’s girlfriend rather than the Daughter of Magneto standing up for a different but very closely related cause it wasn’t until they reretconned her into Magneto’s daughter that she began being her own character again, so hey I like a lot of what Austen did in his time at X-men introducing Azazel and fixing Lorna!

I would say PAD is the best writer when it comes to Lorna I’ve yet to read a story of her by him and think “Ugh this guy doesn’t get the character”, can’t comment on Milligan.

Basically avoid stories that involve Havok because they reduce her to a doormat for him because he’s a characterless bore who needs to be made interesting by showing how much Lorna *Loves him* ugh.

Also all this talk of Marvel retconning Magneto’s kids to being his kids and not again really screws with my mind they just are his kids Marvel, THEY JUST ARE.

I think the Lorna and Alex relationship is salvageable… BUT, not without a writer really really really bending over backwards to not screw it up, and with a wait of 10 years or more. We saw how quickly Lorna started to get dismantled again when she got forced into following Alex into space. It proves writers need a heck of a lot more about Lorna see and known before they can write her as her own character while in relationship.

Also, I disagree when it comes to Peter David and writing Lorna. I think he really screwed up with her from ANXF #4-6. Note: I think his depiction of Lorna and his writing of ANXF as a whole have vastly improved from ANXF #7 onward. I also think he did an excellent job with Lorna in X-Factor #243 (her origin story issue) and All-New X-Factor #14 (sister time with Wanda issue). Still, as great as those issues were and as well as he’s treating her now, I have to be honest and say that I think ANXF #4-6 was a bad patch.

I’m definitely looking forward to Bunn’s portrayal of Lorna. I’ve also considered buying at least a few issues of something Peter David’s putting out as thanks for treating Lorna well overall and really advancing her character-wise, but it’s tricky to find something since I don’t want to give Disney and Marvel money for stuff that isn’t X-Men. I might just donate money directly to Peter David instead, though I know he’d much prefer that I actually read something he wrote in exchange for that money.

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