No More Money.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m done giving my money to Marvel until this fiasco has been cleared up. Canceling my subscriptions. Not going to any more movies. 100% done. I have my back issues and fandom  to keep me company in the meanwhile. And if it never gets changed back, well… I guess that’s just that much more money I’ll save.

To be clear: No one is being fooled here. They can crow “all about the story” as much as they want, but none of us are buying it (hah). This is clearly somewhere between a legal maneuvering to wrest control of the Maximoffs away from Fox by re-branding them as “not mutants”, and opting to try and smash MCU and 616 canons together. Either way, it’s NOT about story; it’s about money. Well, fine. If that’s the game we’re playing.

No more money.


I wanted to include Billy, Tommy, Luna and TJ in this as well, but there wasn’t really room. Maybe next time 6.6

did i mention blaze-rocket is like my favorite artist?

next time include billy, tommy, luna, tj AND NIGHTCRAWLER.

Just wanna say, this is an awesome picture, blaze-rocket. Never stop being awesome. 🙂

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