The Controversy over Brianna Wu’s “Autistic Child” Photo is a Great Summary of GamerGate


Quick recap: Brianna Wu was sent a few tweets of a crying child meme making fun of GamerGate. She made some of her own, and then was swarmed and attacked by GG’ers with death threats, rape threats, verbally abusive comments, etc. She fought back, and has been on interview after interview defending herself, her fellow game developers and other women who’ve been targeted.

I recently posted a tweet that said “I think #GamerGate made a mistake in targeting @Spacekatgal”. She has been the most vocal against this campaign and doesn’t back down (or, as they say, starts getting bitchy when asked tough questions…) I didn’t think this tweet would get much notice, as I whine about GG often so it’s nothing new.

Well, it did get noticed. It was favorited, retweeted, and it started a conversation. I read comments on how it’s just drumming up more PR for GG, about how she’s a bitch, and even a photo or two of Brianna was sent to me. Then I saw some comments like this: “You’re defending someone who used an image of an autistic child to make fun of people?”

I’m sorry, what?

So I looked in to this. It seems the image that was used for this meme, the crying child, also was used on the website for Autism Speaks. This is just a coincidence. The crying child image is a STOCK PHOTO. He’s probably not autistic, and I really doubt the meme generator person got the image from the AS website; they probably got it from or something.

But does that really matter? Sure, what GG’ers are saying about this is inaccurate, but the fact that they brought it up just goes to show how they really like to distract from the main issue.

GamerGate didn’t attack Brianna Wu because they think she used an image of a autistic child, and they know that. GG attacked her for making fun of them. Now they’re trying to put on a front of “No, that’s NOT why we are mad, we’re mad because she bullies the autistic!”

This little story sounds a tad familiar…

“No, we are not mad at Zoe Quinn for pissing off her ex-boyfriend! We’re mad because she is an example of corruption in games journalism!”

Do you seriously think we’re all that blind to what you’re doing?

Don’t even start. It won’t work. The majority knows that whole “omg Brianna’s anti-autism” accusation is bullshit, and trying to use it to get more haters will not work. Basically, only those who are really easily influenced or already sort of leaning towards your “cause” will believe it.

In my humble opinion, if you sincerely believe that Brianna Wu used an autistic child as the butt of a joke for a meme to poke fun at GamerGate, you are stupid.

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